my goodwill pregnancy

so, there is now a goodwill store in dearborn, i am proud to say, although its journey to fruition was an arduous one.  some people don’t like second-hand things, and moreover, they don’t like the type of people who buy second-hand stuff.  how dare people use things that other people have already used instead of throwing that stuff in landfills where it belongs and buying new overpriced stuff to help stimulate our economy or some other garble.  raspberries to you guys, ’cause the goodwill is up and running.  i honestly don’t know what all the hullabaloo is about anyways.  it’s nicer in there than a lot of department stores and is by far the nicest second hand shop i think i’ve ever been in.  and i’ve been in a lot.

so, i can’t make any promises, but it is my goal to copy this lady’s blog (  i can’t find it at the moment, but if i do, i will share it with you )and to do a sort of spoof on it, which i find hilarious, and which greg didn’t get at all when i told him, and which you may not have any feelings about, and to each week of my pregnancy, get an outfit from this goodwill store and take a picture of myself in it, with a little blurb about each piece and how much i paid for it, instead of the designer or store that i purchased it from.  get it?  hilarious right?

plus, this gets me 33 new outfits, right?  the trade-off is that i will get rid of an outfit per week as our house is already overflowing with man clothes, woman clothes, and baby clothes.

so, without further ado, i give you the first picture.

week 7:

not your average pregnancy pose, i know, but there is nothing to see yet, folks.  just my belly fat and stretched out skin from my pregnancy with ruth, which can sometimes look annoyingly a lot like a baby bump.
ok, the shoes i already had from a previous thrift store excursion. the shoe selection at the goodwill was less than ideal.

plum shirt, three sizes too big which fits me like a dress now, but will be very useful to contain my growing belly in a few months: 3.99.  rainbow knit vest with snap buttons: 3.99.  lime green corduroy pants: 4.99.  total bill: 13.75, less than most people pay for a pair of socks.

the only things i didn’t like were that the maternity section is pretty much non-existent, so it will be a creative challenge to find outfits as my belly grows, and the fact that the cashier told me to “have a blessed day” as i left.  don’t mess with me lady, i’m pregnant, i almost said, but i choked my words down instead, a bitter pill to swallow.  is this veiled religious missionary speak the price i have to pay for cheap clothes?  so be it, i suppose.  just don’t expect me to hold my tongue for long.

on a side note: i had to miss my most recent yoga class due to an intense craving for almond chicken from kowloon on micigan avenue and here was my fortune:

i think everyone already knows. the internet works better than the phone for spreading news.

Author: Terry

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